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Are you about to trim the branches of the trees in your backyard in Santa Paula, CA? Before you begin doing any work yourself, consider whether or not you have the right equipment and if you know the right techniques to do it properly. Otherwise, you should think about getting tree trimming services from Jacinto Gardening Service instead for better results. We are trained to trim trees without damaging them.

Why Hire a Tree Expert?

Tree trimming will require equipment and the right technique for proper execution. If you only have a trimmer, you won’t be able to cut larger and thicker branches because you would need a saw for that. If you don’t know how to cut the branches properly, you could end up damaging the tree itself. Instead, consider hiring a tree service to do the trimming for you because they are equipped and trained to get the job done right the first time around.

Choose Us to Trim Your Trees!

Our tree trimming service focuses on trimming the branches without harming the tree itself. Depending on the client’s preference, we may follow specific methods, such as the three-way method, wherein the focus is to minimize the wound when we cut the branch off from the main trunk. For two decades, we have been perfecting our craft so that we can build trusting relationships with all of our clients. Trimming—along with our other services such as gardening, landscape maintenance, and other residential and commercial landscaping services—are handled by our team of skilled and experienced landscapers. Rest assured that you will get quality services regardless of the service that you will choose.

Jacinto Gardening Service is a tree service provider that will help you with the trimming needs of the trees in your property. If you have trees in your property in Santa Paula, CA that need to be trimmed, call us at (805) 246-7693 today. New customers can enjoy a discount on any of our services.

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